Water Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Systems

Water Softener System Installation

Water softener systems aren't just a luxury any more; they are a technology that's become a necessity in every home.  Hard water is a problem for 85% of US households, resulting in visible white deposits on fixtures, water spots on glasses and dishes, increased mineral build-up in your pipes, and a decrease in the lifespan of your home's appliances.

A water softener hooks up to your home's water supply and removes the hard water causing minerals (like calcium and magnesium) and replaces them with softer ones (like sodium or potassium).  

The installation of a water softener can result in:

- A prolonged life-span of your home's appliances;

- The reduction of 'soap scum';

- Fewer plumbing problems due to buildup in your plumbing system; and

- Direct savings in soap, shampoo, detergent, etc. due to increased sudsing with softer water.

Allow the professionals at XpertEX Services to improve the water quality in your home by installing a water softener.  Results will be immediately noticeable.

Reverse Osmosis System Repair, Installation & Filter Change


Partnering a Reverse Osmosis System with a Water Softener can remove even more impurities from the softened water (i.e. hydrocarbons, sulfates, pesticides, and more.) and is one of the most effective methods for securing clean, healthy drinking water in your home or workplace.  

Many people who install a home water softener also install a reverse osmosis system to service the kitchen faucet and / or the lines to the refrigerator / freezer to make sure the water you're drinking is even purer.

And then there's the cost savings immediately recognized by no longer having to buy bottled water to drink!  Reverse osmosis costs pennies per gallon and it's certainly much better for the environment then recycling cases of water bottles!

By having XpertEX Services install a Reverse Osmosis System in conjunction with your existing (or new) water softener, you can be confident you are giving your family clean, purified water that is beneficial to their health overall and development.